Undergraduate Admissions

The Department of Linguistics has no admission prerequisites or requirements before declaring a major under our B.A./B.G.S. degrees. Prospective KU students should review the KU Admissions website.  If you are interested in visiting the department, the KU Visitors Center can help you plan a visit including an appointment with a Linguistics faculty advisor.

In order to declare as a Linguistics major, students should schedule an appointment with the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Dr. John Gluckman.

We encourage all students to plan early and carefully! All new and current Linguistics majors are encouraged to meet with a faculty advisor every semester. Meeting with an advisor early on and regularly during your academic career will ensure you are on the right track for a timely graduation and that you are taking the necessary courses. Our department is continuously growing and evolving to meet our student needs, so regular advisory meetings will give you early insight into upcoming opportunities and changes!