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Sheyenne Fishero
“Perception and Production of Mandarin-Accented English: The Effect of Degree of Accentedness on ISIB-L and ISIB-T”,
(Advisor: Joan Sereno & Allard Jongman)
Trevin Garcia
“Subject Deletion in Southwest Kansas Latino English”,
(Advisor: John Gluckman)
Hyoju Kim
“Word-level stress processing in Korean-speaking second language learners of English”,
(Advisor: Annie Tremblay)
Nathan Schellenberg
“Differential High Vowel Devoicing in Korean Illusory Vowel Perception”,
(Advisor: Allard Jongman)
Fenqi Wang
“The Effect of Pitch Accent on the Perception of English Lexical Stress by Native Listeners”,
(Advisor: Annie Tremblay)


Ruoqian Cheng
"Acoustic analysis of nasal and lateral consonants: The merger in Eastern Min",
(Advisor: Allard Jongman)
John-Patrick Doherty
"Hypothetical conditional clauses in Ibibio",
(Advisor: Andrew McKenzie)
Shuxiao Gong
"Gradient acceptability in Mandarin non-word judgment",
(Advisor: Jie Zhang)
Chang Liu
"The role of acoustic cues in Mandarin listeners' assimilation of Gong'an tones to Mandarin tones",
(Advisor: Annie Tremblay)
Yen Thi Hai Tran
Written Exam
Alexandria Vogt-Woodin
"Ambiguity in attitude predicates: An investigation of English 'make sure'",
(Advisor: Andrew McKenzie)
Delaney Wilson
"Morphological decomposition of regular and irregular verbs by native English speakers",
(Advisors:  Robert Fiorentino & Alison Gabriele)


Jonah Bates
"A typology of person marking referent reanalysis in six language families",
(Advisor: Andrew McKenzie)
Kayla Clark
Written Exam
Phillip Kroh
"Rates of scalar implicature generation in second language English by native speakers of Japanese”,
(Advisor: Utako Minai)
Mashael Mojamami
Written Exam
Lena Roesner
Written Exam
Tingting Wang
"Examining implicit causality in the processing of pronouns in English",
(Advisor: Alison Gabriele)
Bin Wei
Written Exam
Kunning Yang
Written Exam
Yuyu (Rustle) Zeng
"A comparison of falling tone and rising tone in Chinese: a dissociation between production and perception",
(Advisor: Allard Jongman)


Reema Al-Mutair
Written Exam
Nicholas Feroce
"Working memory modulates the processing of pronominal ambiguity in Spanish: Evidence from event-related potentials”,
(Advisors: Robert Fiorentino & Alison Gabriele)
Masashi Harada
"Pseudoclefts in Japanese",
(Advisor: Andrew McKenzie)
Ryan Johnson
Written Exam
Charles Redmon
"Source characteristics of dorsal frication”,
(Advisor: Allard Jongman)
Seulgi Shin
"The effects of prosodic structure on lexical access: An investigation of Korean denasalization",
(Advisor: Annie Tremblay)


Zhuo Chen
“The syntax of ha polar questions in Wuhu Chinese”,
(Advisor: Andrew McKenzie)
David K. Kummer
“A ton of planks in plankton: Examining morpho-orthographic decomposition in the early stages of  complex word processing”,
(Advisor: Robert Fiorentino)
Xiakun Li
Written Exam
Wenting Tang
"The role of islands in dependency resolution: A comparison of filler-gap and cataphoric dependencies",
(Advisor: Alison Gabriele & Robert Fiorentino)
Xiao Yang
“Context-dependent meaning computation: An investigation of the effect of question under discussion on scalar impliature”,
(Advisors: Robert Fiorentino & Utako Minai)


Lauren Covey
“Gender agreement as a predictive processing cue: Evidence from L2 learners and speakers of Hindi”,
(Advisor: Alison Gabriele)
Longcan Huang
“The syntax of Vietnamese causatives”,
(Advisor: Jason Kandybowicz)
Hannah K. Jones
Written Exam
Michael S. Swarts
Written Exam


Jie Liu
Grammatically-guided resolution of filler-gap dependencies: An investigation of Chinese multiple dependencies”,
(Advisors: Alison Gabriele & Robert Fiorentino)
Travis Major
Syntactic Islands in Uyghur”,
(Advisor: Harold Torrence)
Maria Rangel
Written Exam
Ethan E. Skinner
“Sources of difficulty in the L2 acquisition of Chinese reflexives and pronouns”,
(Advisor: Alison Gabriele)
Kimberly Swallom
Written Exam
Wen-chi Yeh
“Frequency-based lexical variation in Taiwanese onomatopeia”,
(Advisor: Jie Zhang)


Hesham Abdel Karim Aldamen
The production of emphasis by second language learners of Arabic”,
(Advisor: Allard Jongman)
Ibrahima Ba
The Clause Structure of Pulaar”,
(Advisor: Harold Torrence)
Jonathan Coffee
Quantificational Pronouns in Uyghur”,
(Advisor: Harold Torrence)
Philip Duncan
The morpho-syntax of indefinite pronouns in lliatenco Me’phaa”,
(Advisor: Harold Torrence)
Chih-Hsiang Hsieh
The Perception of Epenthetic Vowels in Voiced and Voiceless Contexts in Japanese”,
(Advisor: Joan Sereno)
Robert Lewis Jr.
Complementizer agreement in Najdi Arabic”,
(Advisor: Harold Torrence)
Maria Teresa Martinez-Garcia
Processing verbal inflection in native and non-native Spanish”,
(Advisors: Alison Gabriele & Robert Fiorentino)
Kotoko Nakata
Perception of sound symbolism in mimetic stimuli: The voicing contrast in Japanese and English”,
(Advisor: Joan Sereno)
Sally Ocampo
Morphological variability in long-distance subject-verb agreement: a study of native and nonnative processing”,
(Advisor: Alison Gabriele)
Matthew Orzulak
Written Exam
Hanbo Yan
The productivity of tone sandhi patterns in Wuxi Chinese”,
(Advisor: Jie Zhang)


Adrienne M. Johnson
Processing of wh-movement by second language learners”,
(Advisor: Allard Jongman)
Mark Allen Lanfranca
An acoustic study of underspecified vowels in Turkish”,
(Advisor: Allard Jongman)
Goun Lee
Acoustic characteristics of Korean fricatives and affricates”,
(Advisor: Allard Jongman)
Beatriz Lopez Prego
"Examining the nature of variability in native and nonnative Spanish”,
(Advisor: Alison Gabriele)
Naoko Takami
Written Exam
Eun Sun Tark
An experimental study on Korean rhythm structure on the basis of rhythm metrics”,
(Advisor: Allard Jongman)


Abuduwaili Ayifu
Written Exam
Kristi N. Bond
Examining morphological sensitivity and individual differences in the acquisition of agreement in a second language”,
(Advisor: Alison Gabriele)
Hiba E. Gharib
Transitivity alterations in Sorani Kurdish”,
(Advisor: Clifton Pye))
Sarah Mealiff Coughlan
Written Exam
Stephen J. Politzer-Ahles
Online processing of scalar implicatures in Chinese as revealed by event-related potentials”,
(Advisor: Robert Fiorentino)
Jeffrey R. Shouse
Cortical responses to familiar and novel orthographic systems”,
(Advisor: Robert Fiorentino)
Breanna I. Vannocker
The effect of background language and speaker differences on serial recall of aurally presented single-talker stimuli”,
(Advisor: Allard Jongman)


Mujdey D. Abudalbuh
"`Effects of gender on the production of emphasis in Jordanian Arabic: A sociophonetic study”,
(Advisor: Allard Jongman)
Jose Aleman Banon
"The processing of number and gender agreement in Spanish: An ERP investigation”,
(Advisor: Alison Gabriele)
Kelly Harper Berkson
"The nature of optional sibilant harmony in Navajo”,
(Advisor: Jie Zhang)
Alonso J. Canales Viquez
"Acquisition of tense-aspect morphology in English by native speakers of Costa Rican Spanish: The case of simple present and present progressive”,
(Advisor: Alison Gabriele)
Jiang Liu
Durational properties of lexical stress and grammatical stress in Nanchag Chinese and their implications for Tonal contrasts”,
(Advisor: Jie Zhang)
Stephanie A. Lux
Written Exam
Yakefu Mayila
English compound word processing: Evidence from Mandarin Chinese-English bilinguals",
(Advisor: Robert Fiorentino)
Valeria Mongush
“What transfers in L3  acquistion? An examination of relative clauses in L3 English”,
(Advisor: Alison Gabriele)
Mircea C. Sauciuc
Morphological productivity and the decomposition of complex words”,
(Advisor: Robert Fiorentino)
Khady Tamba
The morpho-syntax of (anti)causatives in Wolof”,
(Advisor: Harold Torrence)
Emily J. Tummons
Positional roots in Kaqchikel Maya”,
(Advisor: Clifton Pye)


Hyunjung Lee
An acoustic and aerodynamic study of stops in tonal and nontonal dialects of Korean”,
(Advisor: Allard Jongman)


Sanae Akaba
"An acoustic study of the Japanese short and long vowel distinction”,
(Advisor: Allard Jongman)
I Nyoman Aryawibawa
Semantic typology: Semantics of locative relations in Rongga (ISO 639-3: ROR)”,
(Advisor: Clifton Pye)
Michelle R. Bridges
"Auxilary verbs in Uyghur”,
(Advisor: Sara Rosen)
Daniel J. Kasparek
"Improving the Perception of Foreign-Accented Speech Through Training: A Comparison of Word and Sentence Materials",
(Advisor:Allard Jongman)
Yu Ju Lee
"The role of lexical tone in spoken word recognition of Chinese”,
(Advisor: Joan Sereno)
Kasper C. Schirer
You heard the new theory? : A syntactic analysis of null subjects and null auxiliaries in English”,
(Advisor: Sara Rosen)
Yun H. Stockton
The effects of speaking rate on Mandarin tones”,
(Advisor: Joan Sereno)


Saad M. Aldosari
"The acquisition of English unaccusative verbs by Arabic native speakers”,
(Advisor: Alison Gabriele)
Jacqueline J. Canard
Relationship Between Levels of Literacy in Spanish (L1) and English (L2) of Adult Students in ESL Programs”,
(Advisor: Akira Yamamoto)
Wendy J. Herd
"Incomplete neutralization of /t/ and /d/ in flapping environments: An analysis of the north midland dialect of American English”,
(Advisor:Allard Jongman)
Mohammed K. Murad
Language attitudes of Iraqi native speakers of Arabic: A sociolinguistic investigation”,
(Advisor: Adrienne Dwyer)
Craig W. Turnbull-Sailor
“ Syntactic patterns of embedded wh- clauses”,
(Advisor: Sara Rosen)
Jing Wang
"The Second Language Acquisition of the Chinese Aspect Marker 'le'”,
(Advisor: Alison Gabriele)


Donald L. Englund
The syntactic structure of the focused adverbial cognate object in biblical Hebrew”,
(Advisor: Sara Rosen)
Melissa K. Stamer
The influence of neighborhood density on the recognition of bisyllabic English words”,
(Advisor: Joan Sereno)


Olga Dmitrieva
“Incomplete neutralization in Russian final devoicing: Acoustic evidence from native speakers and second language learners”,
(Advisor: Allard Jongman)
Pedro Mateo Pedro
“Acquisition of the inflectional morphology in Q'anjob'al”,
(Advisor: Clifton Pye)
Nathan D. Poell
“A phonetic study of the vowels and tones of western Cherokee”,
(Advisor: Allard Jongman)
Nina V. Radkevich
“Multiple Wh-Questions in Russian”,
(Advisor: Sara Rosen)


Mariko Karasawa
"Native and Non-native Production and Perception of Japanese Affricate [ts] and the Fricative [s]”,
(Advisor: Joan Sereno)
Diana Pastoriza
“Second Language Lexical Processing: Influence of Teaching Method and Word Characteristics”,
(Advisor: Joan Sereno)


Yuwen Lai
“The effect of aspiration on the fundamental frequency of the following tone in Taiwanese”,
(Advisor: Allard Jongman)
Natalia Evgenyevna Plotnikov
“Ultimate phonological attainment of second language leaners: A perceptual study of advance Russian learners of English”
Eva Rodríguez Gonzalez
“L2 Acquisition of the Spanish Preterite”,
(Advisor: Joan Sereno)
David A. Teeple
“Concatenative morphology as universal: An optimality account, with analyses of Arabic and Sierra Miwok verbal morphology”


Ricardo M. Benitez
“An acoustic and perceptual study of the vowels of Spanish”,
(Advisor: Joan Sereno)
Molly F. Collins
“Young children's understandings of the meaning of on in English and Korean”,
(Advisor: Clifton Pye)
Kazumi Maniwa
Acoustic and perceptual evidence of complete neutralization of the word-final tonal specificaition in Japanese”,
(Advisor: Allard Jongman)
Yumiko Sasaki
“Kanji Conversion of Spelled Japanese Person Names”
Travis W. Wade
“Evaluating possible linguistic function of vertical scaling in speech intonation: Evidence from Japanese tone”,
(Advisor: Allard Jongman)
Junko Maekawa Young
“Movement of the object in English and Japanese in minimalist program”


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