Ph.D. Alumni By Year


Sheyenne Fishero
The Interaction of Target and Masker Speech in Competing Speech Perception 
(Advisors: Allard Jongman and Joan Sereno)
Hyoju Kim
Tracking the Time Course of Phonetic Cue Integration in the Perception of Korean Stop Contrasts by Korean and Engligh Listeners
(Advisor: Annie Tremblay)


Shuxiao "Donald" Gong
The Obligatory Contour Principle Effects in Phonological Learning
(Advisor: Jie Zhang)
Jinmyung Lee
Testing the transfer of the online /i/-/ɪ/ training effect to Korean L2 learners of English: From speech perception to spoken word recognition
(Advisor: Annie Tremblay)
Tingting Wang
Examining the Role of Subjecthood and Pronominalization in Reference Resolution in L1 and L2 Processing: An Eye-tracking Study
(Advisors: Alison Gabriele and Utako Minai)
Delaney Wilson
Examining Morphological Decomposition of Regular and Irregular Verbs and the Role Individual Variation in Second Language Learners
(Advisors: Alison Gabriele and Robert Fiorentino)
Yuyu "Rustle" Zeng
Spoken word production of Mandarin monosyllabic words: From lexical selection to form encoding
(Advisors: Jie Zhang and Robert Fiorentino)


Jonah Bates
Typology and Analysis of Person Marking Referent Reanalysis
(Advisor: Andrew McKenzie)
Longcan Huang
Modification with De in Mandarin Chinese
(Advisor: Clifton Pye)
Charles Redmon
Lexical acoustics: Linking phonetic systems to the higher-order units they encode
(Advisor: Allard Jongman)
Wenting Tang
Number matters: enhancing nominal number to facilitate subject-verb agreement
(Advisors: Alison Gabriele and Robert Fiorentino)
Xiao Yang
Linguistic Cues Guide Prediction in the Processing of Mandarin Relative Clauses: An ERP Study
(Advisor: Robert Fiorentino)


Khady Tamba
Clausal nominalization in Wolof
(Advisor: Harold Torrence)


Atef Atallah Eid Alsarayreh
The licensing of negative sensitive items in Jordanian Arabic
(Advisor: Clifton Pye)
Jose Aleman Banon
The native and nonnative processing of number and gender agreement in Spanish: an ERP investigation
(Advisors: Alison Gabriele and Robert Fiorentino)
Hiba Gharib
A semantic analysis of ‘cut’ and ‘break’ verbs in Sorani Kurdish
(Advisor: Clifton Pye)
Sok-Ju Kim
The syntax and acquisition of negative polarity items in heritage Korean
(Advisor: Harold Torrence)
Alonso Canales Viquez
The online processing of wh-dependencies in English by native speakers of Spanish
(Advisors: Alison Gabriele and Robert Fiorentino)


Yuwen Lai
Acoustic realization and perception of English lexical stress by Mandarin learners
(Advisor: Allard Jongman)
Bradley B. Montgomery-Anderson
A reference grammar of Oklahoma Cherokee
(Advisor: Akira Yamamoto)
Saad Nasser Aldwayan
The acquisition and processing of Wh-movement by Najdi learners of English
(Advisor: Alison Gabriele and Sara Rosen)


Sabri S. Al-Shboul
On defaultness in Jordanian Arabic
(Advisor: Clifton Pye)
Kazumi Maniwa
Acoustics and perception of clear fricatives
(Advisor: Allard Jongman)