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Nicholas Feroce
“Examining the Effect of Training on L2 Processing and Comprehension of Spanish Null and Overt Subject Pronouns”,
(Advisors: Alison Gabriele and Robert Fiorentino)
Seulgi Shin
“Phonetic variations driven by prosodic structure and their function in speech production”,
(Advisor: Annie Tremblay)


Jonah Bates
“Typology and Analysis of Person Marking Referent Reanalysis”,
(Advisor: Andrew McKenzie)
Longcan Huang
“Modification with De in Mandarin Chinese”,
(Advisor: Clifton Pye)
Charles Redmon
Lexical acoustics: Linking phonetic systems to the higher-order units they encode”,
(Advisor: Allard Jongman)
Wenting Tang
“Number matters: enhancing nominal number to facilitate subject-verb agreement”,
(Advisors: Alison Gabriele and Robert Fiorentino)
Xiao Yang
“Linguistic Cues Guide Prediction in the Processing of Mandarin Relative Clauses: An ERP Study”,
(Advisor: Robert Fiorentino)


Lauren Covey
"An ERP investigation of individual differences in the processing of wh-dependencies by native and non-native speakers",
(Advisors: Alison Gabriele and Robert Fiorentino)


Ibrahima Ba
"Nominalization in Pulaar”,
(Advisor: Andrew McKenzie)
Katrina Connell
The use of segmental and suprasegmental information in lexical access: A dirst- and second-language Chinese investigation”,
(Advisors: Annie Tremblay and Jie Zhang)
Philip Duncan
The role of argument structure in Me-phaa verbal agreement”,
(Advisors: Andrew McKenzie and Harold Torrence)
Mingxing Li
"Sibilant contrast: Perception, production, and sound change”,
(Advisor: Jie Zhang)
Kotoko Nakata
"Explicit learning of Japanese mimetic words using voicing, gemination, and reduplication rules”,
(Advisor: Joan Sereno)
Zhen Qin (Quentin)
"How native Chinese listeners and second-language Chinese learners process tones in word recognition: An eye-tracking study”,
(Advisors: Annie Tremblay and Jie Zhang)


Yu-Fu Chien
Observing the contribution of both underlying and surface representations: Evidence from priming and event-related potentials”,
(Advisors: Joan Sereno and Jie Zhang)
Caitlin E. Coughlin
Processing morphologically complex words in native and non-native French”,
(Advisor: Robert Fiorentino)
Yingjie Li
"Effects of High Variability Phonetic Training on Monosyllabic and Disyllabic Mandarin Chinese Tones for L2 Chinese Learners",
(Advisors: Joan Sereno and Manuela Gonzales-Bueno (School of Education Ph.D.))
Maria Theresa Martinez-Garcia
Tracking bilingual activation in the processing and production of Spanish stress”,
(Advisor: Annie Tremblay)
Hanbo Yan
The nature of variation in tone Sandhi patterns of Shanghai and Wuxi Wu”,
(Advisor: Jie Zhang)


Saad M. Aldosari
The role of individual differences in the acceptability of island violations in native and non-native speakers”,
(Advisor: Alison Gabriele)
Turki A.S. Binturki
The acquisition of negation in Najdi Arabic”,
(Advisor: Clifton Pye)
Joleen Chia-Ying Chu
The role of non-linguistics cognitive development and language-specific morphological properties in the first language acquisition of demonstratives”,
(Advisor: Utako Minai)
Adrienne M. Johnson
Individual differences in predictive processing: Evidence from subject filled gap effects in native and non-native speakers of English”,
(Advisors: Alison Gabriele and Robert Fiorentino)
Goun Lee
"Production and perception of Korean and English word-level prominence by Korean speakers”,
(Advisor: Allard Jongman)
Beatriz Lopez Prego
"The online use of markedness information in L1 and L2 Spanish gender agreement”,
(Advisor: Alison Gabriele and Robert Fiorentino)


Khady Tamba
Clausal nominalization in Wolof”,
(Advisor: Harold Torrence)


Mujdey Abudalbuh
Ideology, gender roles, and pronominal choice: A sociolinguistic analysis of the use of English third person generic pronouns by native speakers of Arabic”,
(Advisors: Naima Boussofara and Allard Jongman)
Mohammed Al-Malahmeh
The interaction of indirect evidentiality, temporality and epistemic modality in Jordanian Arabic: The case of deverbal agentives”,
(Advisor: Clifton Pye)
Kelly Harper Berkson
Phonation types in Marathi: An acoustic investigation”,
(Advisors: Jie Zhang and Allard Jongman)
Kristi Bond
The role of the L1 and individual differences in L2 sensitivity to morphosyntactic features: An ERP investigation”,
(Advisors: Alison Gabriele and Robert Fiorentino)
Hyunjung Lee
Evidence of diachronic sound change: A comparative acoustic study of Seoul and Kyungsang Korean”,
(Advisor: Allard Jongman)
Jiang Liu
Effects of variance and input distribution on the training of L2 learners' tone categorization”,
(Advisor: Jie Zhang)
Stephen Politzer-Ahles
Psycholinguistic and neurolinguistic investigation of scalar implicature”,
(Advisor: Robert Fiorentino)
Mahire Yakup
Acoustic correlates of lexical stress in native speakers of Uyghur and L2 learners”,
(Advisors: Joan Sereno and Arienne Dwyer)


Atef Atallah Eid Alsarayreh
The licensing of negative sensitive items in Jordanian Arabic”,
(Advisor: Clifton Pye)
Jose Aleman Banon
The native and nonnative processing of number and gender agreement in Spanish: an ERP investigation”,
(Advisors: Alison Gabriele and Robert Fiorentino)
Hiba Gharib
A semantic analysis of ‘cut’ and ‘break’ verbs in Sorani Kurdish”,
(Advisor: Clifton Pye)
Sok-Ju Kim
The syntax and acquisition of negative polarity items in heritage Korean”,
(Advisor: Harold Torrence)
Alonso Canales Viquez
The online processing of wh-dependencies in English by native speakers of Spanish”,
(Advisors: Alison Gabriele and Robert Fiorentino)


Rania Nayef Al-Aqarbeh
"Finiteness in Jordanian Arabic: Morpho-syntactic and semantic approach”,
(Advisor: Clifton Pye)
Wendy Herd
The perceptual and production training of allophones and phonemes in L2 Spanish”,
(Advisors: Allard Jongman and Joan Sereno)
Yen-Kuang Ho
"The perception and production of American English vowels by EFL learners in Taiwan: The influence of first langauge and proficiency levels",
(Advisors: Joan Sereno and Paul Markham (School of Education Ph.D.))


Emad M. Al-Kulaib
"The Acquisition of English and Arabic Existential constructions”,
(Advisor: Clifton Pye)
Mohammad S. Al-Masri
The acoustic and perceptual correlates of emphasis in urban Jordanian Arabic”,
(Advisor: Allard Jongman)
I Nyoman Aryawibawa
Spatial reference in Rongga (ISO 639-3: ROR), Balinese (ISO 639-3: BAN), and Indonesia (ISO 639-3: IND)”,
(Advisor: Clifton Pye)
Pedro Mateo Pedro
"The acquistion of verb inflection in Q'anjob'al Maya: A longitudinal study”,
(Advisor: Clifton Pye)
Chris Souillé-Rigaut
"A semantic account of quasi-lexemes in modern English: Processing semiotic units of Greek or Latin origin into lexical units”,
(Advisor: Clifton Pye)


Jongil Kwon
Topics in the syntax and semantics of Korean embedded clauses”,
(Advisor: Sara Rosen)


Yuwen Lai
Acoustic realization and perception of English lexical stress by Mandarin learners”,
(Advisor: Allard Jongman)
Bradley B. Montgomery-Anderson
A reference grammar of Oklahoma Cherokee”,
(Advisor: Akira Yamamoto)
Saad Nasser Aldwayan
The acquisition and processing of Wh-movement by Najdi learners of English”,
(Advisor: Alison Gabriele and Sara Rosen)


Sabri S. Al-Shboul
On defaultness in Jordanian Arabic”,
(Advisor: Clifton Pye)
Kazumi Maniwa
Acoustics and perception of clear fricatives”,
(Advisor: Allard Jongman)


Farah H. Alenezi
Formal constraints on Arabic/English code-switching: A lexically-based approach”,
(Advisor: Clifton Pye)
Eva Rodriguez Gonzalez
Morphological regularity and neighborhood density effects in the acquisition and processing of the Spanish Preterite”,
(Advisors: Joan Sereno)


Ling Yan
Movement to the left periphery of vP”,
(Advisor: Sara Rosen)
Wael Zuraig
"The production of lexical stress by native speakers of Arabic and English and by Arab learners of English",
(Advisor: Joan Sereno)


Mohamed M. Galal
A minimalist approach to relative clauses in Modern Standard Arabic”,
(Advisor: Sara Rosen)
Ivonne L. Heinze
Kaqchikel and Spanish language contact: The case of bilingual Mayan children”,
(Advisor: Clifton Pye)


Travis W. Wade
"Acoustic variability and perceptual learning of nonnative -accented speech sounds”,
(Advisor: Allard Jongman)


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